Plant Propagation from Cuttings using Rooting Hormones by HortusUSA
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The Dry Dip Method

Using the Dry Dip Method you can propagate plants from cuttings from easy to difficult to root.
Rhizopon AA #1, #2 and #3 rooting powders are used.
When treating cuttings with different rate needs, simply switch powders.
Color coding assures that the proper product is used.

Dry Dip Rooting Hormones:
•   Rhizopon AA #1 (0.1% IBA) is PINK color.
For easier to root cuttings
•   Rhizopon AA #2 (0.3% IBA) is GREEN color.
For root many types of cuttings
•   Rhizopon AA #3 (0.8% IBA) is WHITE color.
To root "difficult to root cuttings"

•   Cutting Types
•   Cutting Selection
In the growing season.
•   Leafy cuttings: annuals, perennials, woody ornamental and forestry plants.
All year.
•   Tropical plants annuals, perennials, woody ornamental and forestry plants.
•   Winter dormant cuttings.
•   Woody ornamental and forestry plants.

All year.
•   Hard to root cuttings.

•   Rooting powers are taken from the stock container and put into small cups.

•   Take off a small portion of the powder for your immediate use.
    Do not contaminate the stock container by returning used portion to the container.
•   Take plant cuttings, usually 4-6 inch stem cuttings, from the current year’s growth.
•   Wound woody cuttings by making a 3/4 inch slit at the side of the basal end is optional.
    Herbaceous cuttings are not wounded.
•   Dip the basal end of the cuttings 3/4-1 inch into the Rhizopon AA powder.
    Tap off the excess powder.
•   Avoid contact between the powder and foliage and other over ground parts of the stem.
    A small amount of powder on the leaves will not affect the quality of the rooting.
•   Stick the treated cuttings in the media, or put in plastic bags and store until sticking or planting out.
    A dribble hole is useful to allow entry of the cutting into the media without pushing off the rooting powder.
•   Turn on misters as required.
•   After treatment discard used rooting powder.
•   Cutting Care 

Dry Dip Method


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