Plant Propagation from Cuttings using Rooting Hormones by HortusUSA
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Care of roses & other plant cuttings used in propagation

For more information see Types of Cuttings

Taking care of the cuttings

Fill the pots firmly with a sterile potting mix which is moist not soggy. Several cuttings can be planted in the same pot. Treat the cuttings with rooting hormones using the Rhizopon AA dry powder rooting hormone Dry Dip Method or using rooting solutions using Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts using basal or foliar methods. Place the cutting in the hole and firm the soil very tightly around it.

For more information see Taking Cuttings

Control the humidity

To prevent the cuttings from dehydrating through the leaves and stems the cuttings are often propagated under mist systems in controlled greenhouses or tunnels, in cutting trays covered with plastic. Maintain adequate moisture in the soil and air humidity. Commercial growers usually use mist system to prevent wilting. A fine mist of water is sprayed over the cuttings for a few seconds every few minutes. Another method is to stick the cuttings in pots or trays then cover and seal the pot with clear plastic; a poly bag works well when covering a small pot. When available use a misting system.
Below: the "Baggie Method"

Control Humidity

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Care of Plant Cuttings
Rose Propagation Ideas


Introduction to Plant Propagation from Cuttings:
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