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Propagation roses & other plant cuttings - Stenting

If you intend to bud or graft plants the rootstock plants are produced from cuttings.
First root the rootstocks from cuttings then perform the budding or grafting operations
For roses and grapes you can root the root stocks at the same time. The technique called "stenting" where rooting and grafting is performed in one action. In Dutch the word "stenting" means "to stem". It is a combination "stekken" meaning "to strike a cutting" and "enter" meaning "to graft".
  The success of simultaneous cutting and grafting is cost effective.

How To

●   The scion consists of the cultivar stem taken with one leaf and a dormant bud.
●   The scion is grafted on a single internode of the non-rooted rootstock.

On the un-rooted root stock use
●  The Basal Long Soak Method or 
●  The Dry Dip Method

Formation of the graft union and of adventitious roots on the rootstock occur simultaneously.
The combined process can take about three weeks.

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