Plant Propagation from Cuttings using Rooting Hormones by HortusUSA
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Transplanting roses & other rooted plant cuttings

Rooted plant cuttings with leaves, in media or bare root, will have improved root regeneration if the leaves are sprayed until the liquid drips down with a rooting solution containing Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts Cuttings can either be bare root or in media.

Solution rates:
Annual and tender perennial rooted cuttings
     Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts @50-200 ppm IBA
Perennial and woody rooted cuttings
     Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts @200-500 ppm IBA
Rose bush root regeneration of bare root plants
Commercial rose growers use Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts rooting solution  when transplanting rooted rose bushes to improve early flower yield.
Traditionally rose growers allowed 1-2 years of growth before transplanting rose bushes.
Without special treatment a young rose transplant uses its energy to rebuild a root system instead of entire plant growth.
Treated 1/2 year old rose bushes have improved root regeneration.
●  Make a rooting solution: Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts at 150-300 ppm IBA,
●  Prepare the base roots by not cuttings back but only removing dead growth
●  Bare roots are immersed in the rooting solution for 10-20 minutes the solution
●  After treatment the rose bushes are planted immediately or stored.
At planting time the soil temperature should be above 60F and air temperature above 65F with relative humidity at 80%.
Warm soil temperature is a major factor in utilization of the active ingredients.

Photo below of One Year rose bushes Left is untreated, Right is treated  For more information see

Rose Root Transplant

Rose Propagation Ideas

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